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A Preview of Exclusive Course Content

The videos below offer a brief preview of the rich, multimedia content of Additive Manufacturing for Innovative Design and Production. The foundation of the course is a series of high-quality video lectures, which develop competencies that are then applied in the course assignments, discussions, and case studies. In addition, the course features interactive charts and diagrams, software-enabled visualizations of AM part designs and workflows, detailed design guides and technical descriptions, and more.

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Perspectives on the Future of Design

AM leaders from GE, Volkswagen, Autodesk, and Harvard Medical School explain the future of design and its intersection with the digitization of advanced production.

Extrusion: Introduction

Prof. John Hart’s introduction to extrusion additive manufacturing -- one of the most important and versatile processes, for both desktop and industrial uses.

Workflow: Selective Laser Melting

The workflow of metal additive manufacturing via selective laser melting (SLM), importantly showing the involved post-processing sequence.  Here, an array of dome parts for a small model of MIT’s main building is being fabricated; the model was designed to communicate key process principles in the course.

Interactive Graphics

The chart below is one of many interactive graphics comparing process and material performance data for AM against conventional alternatives.

In-Depth Case Studies

Below is an excerpt of an in-depth, two-week case study that integrates and applies what you learn in the course. This excerpt illustrates two exemplary tasks, one general and one specific, from a Strategy-focused case study. Other case studies focus on Design for AM, including component and process selection, part consolidation, and generative design.

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